How Long Do the Results of Laser Acne Treatment Last?

Kia Mitchell, M.D. | 03/08/2024

Laser acne treatment in Jacksonville, FL offers a noninvasive, effective solution for clear skin, reducing scars and bacteria with minimal downtime.


Fade Away Superficial Scar Blemishes with Laser Scar Treatments

Kia Mitchell, M.D. | 02/11/2024

Laser scar treatments with the HARMONY XL PRO laser offer effective scar reduction, enhancing the skin's appearance with minimal discomfort.


Where on the Body Can Fat be Shrunken with Fat Reduction Treatment?

Kia Mitchell, M.D. | 01/15/2024

Fat reduction treatments in Jacksonville, FL target stubborn fat in areas like the abdomen, thighs, arms, buttocks, back, and chin.


Three Tips to Care for Your Skin After Laser Treatments

Kia Mitchell, M.D. | 12/22/2023

Post-laser skin care involves gentle cleansing, moisturizing, sun protection, avoiding harsh products, and following Dr. Kia Mitchell's instructions.


Can BeautiFill® Help Restore the Volume in My Cheeks?

Kia Mitchell, M.D. | 11/04/2023

Reclaim youthful volume in your cheeks with BeautiFill®. a laser-assisted liposuction and fat transfer method offered by Dr. Kia Mitchell.


How Can a Medical Weight Loss Plan Address Underlying Health Conditions?

Kia Mitchell, M.D. | 10/16/2023

Dr. Kia Mitchell's medical weight loss plans address underlying health conditions using tools like semaglutide and nutrition counseling.


Can an IPL Photofacial Help Diminish Age Spots?

Kia Mitchell, M.D. | 09/25/2023

Discover IPL photofacial treatments with Dr. Kia Mitchell at Limitless Me Wellness in Jacksonville, FL, to reduce age spots.


Can Fat Reduction Treatment Help Me Achieve a Flatter Stomach?

Kia Mitchell, M.D. | 08/18/2023

Fat reduction treatments can target fat in the lower tummy, offering a minimally invasive option for body contouring in Jacksonville, FL.


Can Laser Treatments Help Reduce Cellulite?

Kia Mitchell, M.D. | 07/22/2023

Discover how Dr. Kia Mitchell's innovative Harmony XL PRO laser treatments at Limitless Me Wellness can reduce cellulite.


Achieve Smooth and Silky Skin with Laser Hair Removal

Kia Mitchell, M.D. | 06/26/2023

Laser hair removal manages excess hair on the face and body. Read about our cutting-edge laser treatment and see why people trust us for results.


The Natural Way to Enhance Your Facial Features with a Facial Fat Transfer

Kia Mitchell, M.D. | 05/23/2023

A facial fat transfer can provide fullness to under-eye areas and cheeks. Read about innovative laser-assisted liposuction and how BeautiFill® works.


Can Semaglutide Injections Help Reduce Excess Body Fat?

Kia Mitchell, M.D. | 04/24/2023

Excess body fat can increase your risk of certain medical conditions. Read about medical weight loss and how semaglutide injections provide results.


Can Sun-Damaged Skin be Improved With IPL Treatments?

Kia Mitchell, M.D. | 03/28/2023

Sun-damaged skin can cause problems like dark spots and hyperpigmentation. Read about IPL photofacials and how treatment lightens your complexion.


How Soon Can Results Show After Laser Psoriasis Treatments?

Kia Mitchell, M.D. | 02/23/2023

Psoriasis symptoms may include dry, itchy, and red areas. If you feel uncomfortable in your skin, try psoriasis treatment with the Harmony XL PRO.


Will Laser Skin Tightening Give Me a Younger-Looking Appearance?

Kia Mitchell, M.D. | 01/31/2023

Wishing for the smoother, firmer skin you had in your youth? Consider laser skin tightening.


Regretting Your Last Tattoo? Laser Tattoo Removal Can Help

Kia Mitchell, M.D. | 12/22/2022

If you’re not interested in covering up an old or irrelevant tattoo, laser tattoo removal may be an option.


Where Can BeautiFill® be Used on the Body?

Kia Mitchell, M.D. | 11/29/2022

Laser liposuction and fat transfer can enhance one or more areas at the same time. Discover why so many people choose BeautiFill for volume loss here.


How Does Semaglutide Help With Medical Weight Loss?

Kia Mitchell, M.D. | 10/28/2022

Medical weight loss can improve your health, especially when combined with semaglutide injections. Learn how these injections work at our clinic.


Clear Up Those Skin Imperfections With Plasma Skin Resurfacing

Kia Mitchell, M.D. | 09/23/2022

Plasma skin resurfacing can reduce noticeable signs of aging, like hyperpigmentation and sun damage. See how this treatment clears away these issues.


How Long After IPL Treatments Will I Notice Results?

Kia Mitchell, M.D. | 08/21/2022

IPL therapy in Jacksonville can address problems like wrinkles and hyperpigmentation. Learn how soon you can see photofacial results with our team.


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