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What is Laser Acne Treatment?

Acne is one of the many challenges that many in the United States suffer from at some point in their life. Contrary to popular belief, acne can impact men and women well into their 40s. People who get acne often have painful blackheads or inflamed cysts on their face, their collarbone, upper back, shoulders, around their breasts or pectorals, and even arms. It may significantly affect your life, not just from an aesthetic standpoint but from an emotional one, too. If you have used many prescriptions, gels, or vitamins, but nothing appears to provide relief, acne laser treatment could be an excellent option for your skin. After the typical number of visits, a lot of our Jacksonville, FL patients notice great improvements in their skin and are happy with the outcomes. Limitless Me Wellness is pleased to offer noninvasive laser acne treatments to help reduce active acne utilizing the Harmony XL Pro. We invite you to call and request additional information about laser-based acne treatments and schedule a session with board-certified family physician Dr. Kia Mitchell.

What Are the Benefits of Laser Acne Treatment?

Acne complaints are a primary worry that might knock down your self-esteem. At Limitless Me Wellness, our laser acne therapy gives Jacksonville, FL, patients many acne forms and issues through several benefits:

  • An effective treatment that targets the root cause
  • More supple, enhanced skin texture
  • Clarified, refreshed skin
  • Greater enjoyment of your skin's appearance

Am I A Candidate For Laser Acne Treatments?

People of all ages can experience mild to hard-to-manage acne. Jacksonville, FL individuals who experience cystic acne usually have painful pimples, whiteheads, or blocked oil ducts that crop up on different sections of the body. Laser acne treatment can be an ideal solution for patients who have tried various options like supplements, ointments, medications, or lotions with few to no results. It also can help individuals achieve clearer, healthier skin by reducing ingrown hairs. Our team provides the newest laser treatments with the Harmony XL PRO platform that usually works great on most skin types with proven outcomes. During your first visit, our skin care professionals will carefully review your skin and acne to figure out if you are a potential candidate for this procedure.

Laser Acne Treatment FAQ

How much does laser acne treatment cost?

The expense of your laser acne treatment will vary by the number of treatments in your personalized treatment plan. Throughout the planning stages, Dr. Mitchell will assess the state of your skin and suggest the number of treatments you will likely need to have in order to achieve the skin you want.

How is laser acne treatment done?

In order to perform this treatment, someone on our team will select the Harmony XL PRO handpiece that suits your one-of-a-kind complexion. We can then maneuver the suctioning technology across the targeted regions to address your pores, as well as eradicate acne vulgaris.

How long will my results last?

Improvements following laser-assisted acne treatment differ from patient to patient. Given that laser acne treatment targets current blemishes, you may need to receive periodic procedures if your acne begins to flare up. It's important to keep up with a good skincare routine at home as well. Dr. Mitchell or one of her team members can help you create a good home routine.

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