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What is Psoriasis?

If you've been diagnosed with psoriasis, you may notice red or pink, flaky, and rough areas on the surface of your skin that might be itchy, scaly, inflamed, or even crusted. This common dermatology problem, psoriasis, can arise in men and women when skin cells become enlarged at a very fast rate. Psoriasis spots can range in size and generally appear near the elbows, hands, soles of the feet, knees, head, and back. At Limitless Me Wellness, board-certified family physician Dr. Kia Mitchell routinely treats plaque psoriasis and other skin concerns via laser treatments with the Alma Harmony XL PRO system. Utilizing powerful light-based energy, the laser targets these areas to help lessen the symptoms of psoriasis, such as irritation and flakiness. To find out whether laser psoriasis treatments with the Harmony XL PRO system can help you manage your condition and alleviate your symptoms, get in touch with our Jacksonville, FL office today.

What Are the Benefits of Laser Psoriasis Treatment?

Managing psoriasis can indeed be challenging, but don't fret, Limitless Me Wellness in Jacksonville, FL is here with a solution. We are thrilled to offer state-of-the-art laser psoriasis treatment using Alma's cutting-edge Harmony XL PRO platform. This option could be a game-changer for psoriasis, particularly if other treatments or medications haven't yielded the desired improvements. Let's dive into the benefits of this innovative psoriasis treatment:

  • Radiant, clear skin
  • Decreased skin inflammation
  • Surrounding healthy skin is unharmed
  • Tailored treatments for various body regions
  • Swift treatment sessions
  • Penetrating energy reaches the problematic skin layers

Who Is a Good Candidate for Laser Psoriasis Treatment?

If you struggle with stubborn patches of psoriasis that refuse to clear up on their own, laser treatment may be an effective treatment method for you. Our treatment is designed to provide you with much-desired relief. Some of our ideal candidates in the Jacksonville, FL area include individuals with:

  • Mild to Moderate Cases: Ideal candidates typically have mild to moderate psoriasis. Severe cases may require alternative treatment options.
  • Inadequate Response to Topicals: If you've tried creams and lotions with little to no success, laser therapy could be your next step.
  • Focused Treatment Area: The treatment is most effective when the psoriasis is localized to specific regions, like elbows or knees.
  • No Recent Sun Exposure: If you’ve avoided sun tanning and sunburns recently, your skin is primed for laser treatment.

How Does Laser Psoriasis Treatment Work?

Laser psoriasis treatment at our office in Jacksonville, FL works by using the Harmony XL Pro laser to target and reduce the skin cells causing psoriasis. The laser emits specific wavelengths of light that penetrate the skin to slow down the rapid cell growth and reduce inflammation associated with psoriasis. This process results in a reduction of plaques and an improvement in skin appearance. Laser psoriasis treatment is minimally invasive, requires little to no downtime, and multiple sessions are often needed for the best results.

Frequently Asked Questions

What causes psoriasis?
Psoriasis is thought to arise when healthy cells are unintentionally attacked by the body's immune system. In most cases, this might not be a huge concern; however, when the body starts fighting infection or sickness, the increase of activity from the immune system might result in a case of psoriasis.

What does psoriasis look like?
Pink or red patches of elevated, thick, rough skin tissue often signify psoriasis. The affected areas are most often located on the elbows, knees, and scalp, but psoriasis could develop in nearly any location on a man, woman, or child's body. Contact our Jacksonville, FL location soon to have your symptoms addressed by Dr. Mitchell.

What happens when psoriasis isn't treated?
Though acute episodes of psoriasis may not carry long-lasting negative impacts, moderate to advanced bouts of the condition could lead to psoriatic arthritis in the absence of professional care. When treatment is not sought, this type of arthritis could cause debilitating discomfort and pain, disability, and joint deformities.

How does laser treatment for psoriasis work?
The state-of-the-art Harmony XL PRO laser at Limitless Me Wellness uses targeted light to minimize the presence of psoriasis by decelerating the expansion of cells in the skin. These laser treatments only take a few minutes to complete and usually produce a mild heat and snapping sensation. Individuals may need a series of visits to address a psoriasis issue.

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