Will Laser Acne Treatment Prevent Future Flare-Ups?

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Acne can be one of the most stubborn, frustrating, and even embarrassing conditions a person can struggle with – both physically and emotionally. While acne often affects teenagers as they reach puberty, many men and women continue to experience acne breakouts well into adulthood. At Limitless Me Wellness in Jacksonville, FL, double board-certified physician and aesthetic expert Dr. Kia Mitchell understands how difficult it can be to live with acne at any age and is proud to offer cutting-edge laser acne treatment with the Harmony XL PRO laser. In this blog, we’ll learn more about how laser acne treatment may help to calm current cases of acne and, in some cases, reduce the frequency or severity of future acne breakouts.

What causes acne?

To understand why laser acne treatment is such an effective option, it is helpful to know a little bit about what actually causes acne breakouts. In many cases, fluctuating hormones – like those associated with pregnancy and puberty – trigger excess oil production and other processes that can block pores, leading to blemish-causing infections beneath the skin. In other cases, dead skin cells or debris on the surface of the skin carry bacteria that ultimately result in acne. Genetics can also play a role in a person’s risk of developing early, severe/cystic, or adult acne.

How does laser treatment help with acne?

Now that we know more about the causes of acne, it is easy to see why laser acne treatment is so effective. During a laser acne treatment with the Harmony XL PRO laser, non-ablative laser energy – meaning energy that does not destroy skin cells – is delivered to the target areas beneath the skin’s surface. This energy works to destroy bacteria, slough away dead skin cells, and suction out excess sebum, all while boosting cell regeneration and improving blood circulation for cleaner, clearer, healthier skin. Unlike many topical products, oral medications, and other options, laser acne treatment addresses a wide range of acne-causing factors simultaneously.

Does laser acne treatment prevent acne?

Laser acne treatment is a fantastic option for clearing or improving active blemishes, but it can also help to reduce a patient’s risk of future flare-ups and/or reduce the severity of their symptoms. With a full course of laser acne treatment, which may include up to five treatment sessions, patients can dramatically reduce the amount of sebum, bacteria, and debris that builds up in their pores, helping to keep the skin clearer for longer. To further boost the results of your laser acne treatment and discourage future breakouts, make sure to use the following tips:

  • Drink plenty of water
  • Avoid heavy, pore-clogging makeup and topical products
  • Eat a low-fat, low-sugar diet
  • Practice good hygiene
  • Adhere to a dedicated skin care regimen
  • Use serums, ointments, and other products as recommended
  • Consider touch-up laser acne treatments

With a combination of healthy lifestyle habits and in-office laser acne treatment, patients can finally get the smoother, clearer complexion they deserve.

Set your confidence soaring with laser acne treatment in Jacksonville, FL

If chronic, severe, or adult acne is disrupting your life and has not responded to other treatment options, we can help. Take the first step toward getting the beautiful complexion you deserve by calling Limitless Me Wellness today to schedule your laser acne treatment consultation in Jacksonville, FL with double board-certified physician Dr. Kia Mitchell.

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